Hramor Nursery is a wholesale nursery supplying quality grown bare root deciduous and conifer transplants and seedlings to private individuals, corporations, government agencies, mail order companies, other nurseries and garden centers. We are a family operated business with over 40 years of consistent and dependable service to our customers. With over 150 acres under irrigation, our selection of conifer and deciduous trees and shrubs give our clients an extensive variety of choice. We invite you to visit through our site and learn more about our products and services.  Relevant pictures can be found in our picture gallery under the title what's new. We are confident you will find items of interest to you at prices that are very competitive.  Depending on supply and demand, our offerings will vary from season to season.  We strive to make your planting experience a success.

Our Mission: Hramor endeavors to partner with you in achieving good stewardship of our renewable resources by growing for a healthier tomorrow today.

Company Profile: Having our origin as a wholesale nursery, we have historically supplied a variety of products to our customers for many end uses. Our bare root deciduous trees and shrubs as well as bare root conifer transplants and seedlings are used for landscaping, shelterbelts, windbreaks, privacy screens, soil and wind erosion control, wildlife food sources and shelter, phytoremediation, reforestation, lumber plantations, christmas tree production, energy plantations and fiber farms. Download our two page price list for species and cost.

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